Diabetes In U.S. Costs $245 Billion Yearly

…according to an article at USAToday.

h/t Dr. Emily Deans (Twitter @evolutionarypsy)

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One response to “Diabetes In U.S. Costs $245 Billion Yearly

  1. jim snell

    The cost really is astronomical even if one does not believe these numbers.

    Just look at price of caveman diabetic test strips.

    sixty cents to a dollar a strip and one really should use 4 to 6 strips a day if you are properly monitoring food consumtion and body hit. Thats 6 x 31 = 186 bucks a month and we are not even looking at cost of meds on top of this and any other costs -= Doctors, CDE, Dietition, etc.

    And here because Medicare is struggling hard and long they are attempting to cut their costs by dropping to one strip a day for type 2 and 3 for type1 or on insulin.

    Its time to divert the excess costs killing us all into pratical cures, cost effective tools and pratcical management as well as medical before costs consume us all. The nuclear energy model of runaway unpratical cost management is unworkable in Diabetes medicine.