Be Your Own Drug Expert

Open wide!

Open wide!

I recommend you become the expert on the diabetic drugs you take.

Don’t depend solely on your physician or pharmacist. Do research at reliable sources and keep written notes. With a little effort, you could quickly surpass your doctor’s knowledge of your specific drugs.

What are the side effects? How common are they? How soon do they work? Any interactions with other drugs? What’s the right dose, and how often can it be changed? Do you need blood tests to monitor for toxicity? How often? Who absolutely should not take this drug?

Along with everything else your doctor has to keep up with, he prescribes about a hundred drugs on a regular basis. You only have to learn about two or three. It could save your life.

Steve Parker, M.D.


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  1. Jan

    A good resource for diabetes drugs in particular is here: NOTE: Scroll down below the chart for links to discussions of particular medications in the chart.