Dr. Sarah Hallberg Makes the Case for Carbohydrate Restriction in Type 2 Diabetes

If you reduce carb consumption, what do you replace it with? Dr. Hallberg favors fat.


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11 responses to “Dr. Sarah Hallberg Makes the Case for Carbohydrate Restriction in Type 2 Diabetes

  1. Virginia

    How can I find a doctor who practices this treatment? My doctor does not and neither the dietian I have visited. So I have to do this on my own.
    Thank you for this presentation.

  2. how refreshing to find an American speaking the truth and not giving long winded explanation as to why a person should buy their product, I enjoyed that video and have forwarded it my friends, I intend to become a devotee of this very honest doctor and seek dietery advise, I live in a country with the best food in the world but we love our spuds , the advise is great now its a question of tempering it to suit our needs (We reverted to using real butter 2 years ago and in fact we use traditional made “Country “butter, full milk as we came to the same conclusion the myth of low fat was like global warming profit driven. Well done that Lady
    Bill Lupton type 2 diabetic on meds

  3. Diane

    Is there a printed diet that follows these recommendations online?

  4. gothamette

    Steve – what about the Ma-Pi-2 diet, which is high carb and has shown good results in reversing T2?

    What about the idea that a high fat diet contributes to insulin resistance?

    • I would agree that the Ma Pi 2 diet has significant potential for controlling blood sugars.

      • gothamette

        Great, then what does that do to the high fat theory of eating?

        Do you think that eating high fat contributes to IR?

      • Hi, gothamette.
        High dietary fat consumption might increase insulin resistance in some cases. Yet most diabetics who switch from high-carb to high-fat eating need fewer diabetes drugs (including insulin), which suggests to me that higher insulin resistance, if present, isn’t a clinical problem.

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  6. I was very exited with her lecture. She makes a very powerful point, so simple makes you think is easy. I have also posted her video on my blog and added a few words. What is different about her is that she is actually helping diabetics and obese to implement this diet. Most people when hear the word fat, run away or look at you if you have two heads. But if an MD is telling you this everything changes.