Code of Conduct

MPj01849390000[1]Housekeeping details for compliance with Health on the Net Foundation’s Code of Conduct:

Nearly all posts are written by Steve Parker, M.D., and are inspired by recently published scientific research in peer-reviewed journals.  All others are clearly marked.  Lead authors and the publishing journals are referenced in each post.  Dr. Parker’s comments and opinions are demarcated from others, and are based on his medical school training, internship and residency training, his continuing medical education, and over twenty years’ experience in full-time direct patient care.

Rarely, guest authors may write blog posts.  Guest authors will be clearly identified as medical professionals or not.  None will be anonymous.

Readers of this blog, by default, are considered not to be medical professionals.  Those leaving comments, by default, are considered not to be medical professionals.

Guidelines for readers leaving comments:  Users must post information which is true and correct to their knowledge.  Users must be respectful and honest at all times.  Violators may be banned from the blog comment section with or without warning, with or without notification, at the sole discretion of the blog owner.  Disrespectful and/or dishonest comments will be deleted by the blog owner as soon as discovered, at the discretion of the blog owner.  Users are requested to give references (e.g., links to credible sources, medical journal articles) that support any health/medical information they provide, when relevant. All information about the benefits or performance of any treatment (medical and/or surgical), commercial product, or service are considered as claims.  Users are requested to give sources and proof (e.g., links, medical journal articles) that support their health/medical claims, when relevant.  Users have no right to publish advertisements in the comment section.  Such advertising will be deleted by the blog owner upon discovery.

Health professionals giving medical information should identify themselves as medical professionals.

This blog is owned and operated by pxHealth (formerly Vanguard Press), a publishing company owned by Steve Parker, and based in Arizona, USA.

Steve Parker is responsible for operation and content of the blog, except for comments written by others.

The intended audience is adults in the general population, and health professionals.

Each page will contain a date of last modification.

Funding for this blog is provided solely by pxHealth.

pxHealth and Steve Parker, M.D., derive no economic benefit from linking to other websites or blogs.

Honesty in Advertising and Editorial Policy:  This blog and pxHealth do not accept advertising from other entities.  Users have no right to publish advertisements of any kind in the comment section or elswhere.  Such advertisements will be deleted by the blog owner when discovered.

You should consider any reference herein to the book, “The Advanced Mediterranean Diet: Lose Weight, Feel Better, Live Longer”, as an advertisement by pxHealth.

Steve Parker, M.D.

Update May 28, 2010