Low-Carb Diet Testimonial: DAR

DAR is a type 2 diabetic who controls her diabetes with carbohydrate-restricted eating.  She shares her story in a recent blog post.  She started low-carbing as a way to control diabetes, but writes that…

A nice side benefit to starting a low carb lifestyle was losing the 60 lbs I had fought a losing battle to avoid packing on (despite paying a lot of money for low fat diet plans and food).  Admittedly, the last 10 lbs or so are difficult to lose and keep off and it’s a battle I’m still fighting every day, but watching the first 40 lbs or so melt off easily was so gratifying! 

DAR’s website is a great source of low-carb recipes and I listed it as a resource in my Conquer Diabetes and Prediabetes book.

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