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Comprehensive List of Low-Carb Vegetables

A half cup of sliced bell pepper has about 2 grams of digestible carbohydrate

Laura Dolson over at About.com has a helpful list of low-carb veggies.  Helpful if you:

  • experience excessive blood sugar spikes from high-carb items
  • are restricting carbs for weight management
  • are eating a Paleo Diabetic diet


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The Wonders of Olive Oil

Laura Dolson has posted a good article on olive oil: health benefits, types, selection, storage, and cooking tips.



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How Are Green and Black Olives Different?

Laura Dolson over at About.com explains the differences and briefly discusses olive processing in a recent post.

Olives, of course, are time-honored components of the Mediterranean diet.  I’ve had a few good crops in my backyard here in Arizona.

Steve Parker, M.D.


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Is Your Diet Deficient in Micronutrients?

Laura Dolson at her Low Carb Diets Blog today reports on a recent study that compared micronutrient levels in three diets: Atkins, Zone, and LEARN.  Visit her post for the surprising and worrisome results of this study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

[In a nutshell, “micronutrients” are important vitamins and minerals present in small amounts in our food.]

Monica Reinagel has also reviewed the study.  I respect both of their opinions.

Steve Parker, M.D., author of The Advanced Mediterranean Diet


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