Physical Activity = Improved Blood Sugar

If you’ve let your exercise program slip, Kelley Pounds, RN, CDE, may motivate you to get back on the wagon. She writes:

“I often get folks asking me what they can do to lower their blood sugar when they are already very low in carbs. The first question I now ask is “what are you doing for exercise?” What I am finding is that most people are not exercising and have no desire to exercise. Believe me, I understand.”

“I’m going to admit, a couple months ago, I NEVER imagined exercise could be enjoyable. I pretty much hated it. And I had ALL the excuses, even valid ones, to NOT do it…I’m too tired, I don’t have time, I don’t like to exercise, I’m too weak, everything hurts, you name it, I had made every excuse for myself to avoid it.”

Source: Physical Activity = Improved Blood Sugar – Low Carb RN (CDE)

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