Is Type 2 Diabetes Reversible?

Seems to be, at least for some folks who are overweight. Nine of 10 T2 diabetes are overweight or obese

Science Alert has the story.

The “cure” at hand involves reduction of daily calories to 800 for four weeks. Average weight loss of those in the experimental group was 10 kg (22 lb). I look forward to the published scientific journal report. I bet the drop-out rate was high.



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4 responses to “Is Type 2 Diabetes Reversible?

  1. This is a truly infuriating, irresponsible study. Not that the method may not be useful for patients who can handle it; starvation was a traditional treatment for diabetes before we understood the role of dietary carbohydrate and the glucose-insulin axis. The fact that the control was not a ketogenic diet which is far less extreme and has an established track record ( is outrageous. Instead, the control group was assigned to “regular diabetic care administered by their GP,” undoubtedly involving drugs and/or the high carb diet favored by DAA, ADA and other purveyors of suboptimal therapy. Why would they not offer carbohydrate restriction — (it is unstated how much of the calorie reduction in Taylor’s starvation protocol is carbohydrate restriction). Well, it can’t be because it is hard to stick to. And, of course, no matter how many experiments show that weight loss is not required for the benefits of carb restriction for people with diabetes, the medical hierarchy insist that you must lose weight. The whole thing represents the willingness of the medical community to allow patients to suffer and, most of all, refusal to offer patients the most effective treatment because of the resistancel to changing their mind. It’s not Tuskegee but it’s not good. Did i overstate my case?

  2. Judi Olivier

    A simple low carb diet would have accomplished as much if not more. I have been using it for almost eight years now without progressing. My last a1C was 5.3. Deprivation is not necessary.

  3. Vincent

    The catch is, of course, that weight loss is much more difficult than it seems. Many people fail, often repeatedly. And much of the advice in the media is contradictory and doesn’t really help.

  4. Ivan

    Eat less and move more to lose weight.