Mediterranean Diet Ranks No.2 Overall

US News and World Report a couple months ago ranked 20 popular diets for weight loss, overall healthfulness,  and diabetes and heart disease management.  Overall best diet was awarded to the DASH diet. Mediterranean came in No.2. 

The Mayo Clinic has free info on the DASH diet.  Here’s my definition of the Mediterranean diet.

Steve Parker, M.D.


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6 responses to “Mediterranean Diet Ranks No.2 Overall

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  2. Marla Heller, MS, RD

    The DASH diet was ranked #1 overall and #1 for diabetes by US News & World Report. Now, the new edition of the user-friendly book, The DASH Diet Action Plan, is available.

  3. What were the criteria for “healthfullness”?

  4. pjnoir

    actually paleo was ranked better but prejudice and little faith in people knocked it off the chart. Paleo saved my life, not grains.

  5. Marla – Thanks for the link.

    Isaac – I confess I didn’t read the whole thing. You might say my mind’s already made up, as were the minds of the twenty or so experts they consulted for the article. My sense is that it was a survey of selected experts. Expect results would have been entirely different if they chose 20, 40, or a hundred different experts.

    pjnoir – I’d love to hear more about your story. Speaking of grains, I’m doing a post on celiac disease prevalence tomorrow.


  6. Leota Rominger

    I always use dash diet because it helps in reducing my abdominal fats..

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