What IS Process Cheese Food?

I’ve seen “process cheese food” on packages of apparent cheese or listed with other ingredients on food labels.  Why don’t they just call it “cheese”?

If you’re curious, see what Vitruvius the Sagacious Iconoclast has to say about cheese production.  It’s all processed to some degree.  From the introduction:

I was recently involved in a discussion in which some folks were attempting to distinguish between what they were calling “processed” cheese and other (presumably non-processed) cheese, without defining what they mean by “processed” cheese. As I think that’s a less than optimal approach, I’d like to take a moment to sketch out why that is so; perhaps increasing, in the process, your enjoyment of cheese forever.

It’s a moderately lengthy article, but well worth it for the amusement and erudition.  You’ll learn how cheese is made, starting with the photons.

Cheese is a time-honored component of the traditional Mediterranean diet.  That’s one reason I left it in the Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet.  If you don’t like cheese but still desire the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, don’t fret.  I’ve not found any important nutrients in cheese that you can’t get elsewhere.

Steve Parker, M.D.


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4 responses to “What IS Process Cheese Food?

  1. Jim Purdy

    After reading that long article about the processes involved in making cheese, starting with photons , I think I will stick with eating unprocessed yogurt.

    Until somebody explains the 87 steps involved in making yogurt, starting with not photons from the sun as with cheese, but with yoga-ons from the Himalayas.

    Unless it’s Greek yogurt, which starts with Olympi-ons.