Chocolate Fights Heart Failure

My recent post at the Self/NutritionData Heart Health Blog outlines late-breaking evidence that chocolate seems to reduce both deaths and hospitalizations from heart failure among women.

You’ll also find my thoughts on milk versus dark chocolate and the healthy “dose.”

Steve Parker, M.D.


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3 responses to “Chocolate Fights Heart Failure

  1. Emily Deans

    I exceed the recommended dose regularly… one Green and Blacks 85% cacao chocolate bar every week. 🙂

  2. My current favorite is Lindt Excellence Intense Dark 70%.

    I enjoyed Green and Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate 70% when I tried it in 2009. Made in Italy.

  3. Steve

    Yeah, I strongly wonder if a healthy amount isn’t a lot greater than recommended – when we are talking dark chocolate.
    Again – I refer to Roger Corder in “The Wine Diet” (published, I think, as The Red Wine Diet in the USA), who identifies that it’s the same procyannidins in dark chocolate as those in wine. He also discusses that (like wine), one must be choosy when it comes to brands, as different chocolate (and processes) will result in different levels.
    I enjoy Lindt 70% (tried the peppermint too – it seems to just have some added peppermint oil, so should be okay), but have found in Australia a brand (Cadbury’s) that actually lists the polyphenol levels in mg for its 50% and 70% dark chocolate. The 70% has about twice the levels as the 50%!

    If I remember correctly, the sat. fat (stearic acid) in dark chocolate isn’t quite the “bad” sat fat – is that correct??

    I think this is an important topic – as chocolate could be such a valuable replacement of the great benefits of wine for those who choose not to drink.
    But there must be some differences (e.g. is the fat content harmful?). Or maybe not!
    Procyannidin rich chocolate may be easier (and cheaper) to find as well.