Lowering Blood Pressure to 140 mmHg in Type 2 Diabetics is Good Enough

Several published treatment guidelines for high blood pressure (hypertension) recommend that type 2 diabetics aim for systolic blood pressure of 130–135 or less.  The latest research indicates that a goal of 140 mmHg is adequate. 

Details are available in the  HeartWire issue of March 14, 2010

Steve Parker, M.D.

PS: You won’t find mention of diastolic pressure in the HeartWire article.


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3 responses to “Lowering Blood Pressure to 140 mmHg in Type 2 Diabetics is Good Enough

  1. Haggus

    I’ll echo the first comment left under that article. It doesn’t address if a lower BP is still a good idea for renal health.

  2. My hunch is that trying to resolve differences down at the bottom is probably impossible. The cardiovascular mortality rate was only 0.5% over ~5 years. Trying to see greater improvement when anti-hypertensives and statins are used comprehensively is approaching the point of diminishing returns short of running even longer, larger, ie much more expensive trials. Epidemiologically, the more normotensive you are, the better off you fare and that’s about as good as evidence as it’s going to get. Prospective data just isn’t going to show up.

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