Expanded Blogroll: Need a Little Light Reading?

I’ve updated my blogroll.

If you have some spare time, click through to a few and see if they tickle your fancy.  

I find these blogs either educational, amusing, provocative, honest, enlightening, generous, intriguing, pleasurable, reliable, worthwhile, supportive, relaxing, or challenging.  

Of course, by no means do I endorse everything you’ll see there.  Caveat lector (“reader beware”). 

Nevertheless, I’m constantly impressed with the quality of writing and information these folks are sharing for our benefit.

Steve Parker, M.D.


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2 responses to “Expanded Blogroll: Need a Little Light Reading?

  1. Thanks Steve! This prompted me to add a blogroll as well (not sure why I hadn’t earlier). You’ll be on it for sure.

  2. There’s so much health quackery on the Internet; I think society benefits if the good guys support and acknowledge each other.