Type 2 Diabetes Ages Brain Prematurely

Type 2 diabetes accelerates age-related cognitive decline in the Netherlands, according to new research published in Diabetes Care.  T2 diabetes is also linked to decreased brain gray matter in women.  Finally, T2 diabetes in the elderly is associated with altered brain structure (as seen on MRI scans) and impaired brain function.

The Mediterranean diet may help prevent this sort of decline.



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5 responses to “Type 2 Diabetes Ages Brain Prematurely

  1. PI

    My first thought was – does this happen to T2s who maintain non-diabetic blood sugar and other blood levels. Common sense says ‘no’ – but is this what you are getting at with your link to the Mediterranean diet? (This from a 70yo F T2 who has been low carbing for 3 years with a constant HbAic of around 5.0, BMI of ~ 20 and not needing any meds)

  2. This is really interesting…. I wonder, is there a numeric correlation available? Are there other factors in this as well? I was diagnosed as T2 at 20, my A1c seems to hover between 5.6 and 6.5 BUT I have sustained pregnancies while diabetic, which I have been told will advance the progression of the disease. I wonder if that, too, advances the progression of the brain aging. Any ideas about that?