Rice: Avoid or Eat, and How Much

Eliza Skoler addresses this issue in an interesting article at Diatribe:

Rice. Billions of people around the world eat it every single day, for multiple meals a day – and it’s a primary food for many populations, with research showing that it provides about 20% of the world’s calorie intake. From beans and rice to stir fry with rice, from sushi to risotto to sweet rice desserts, this simple ingredient is a staple across the globe and across cultures.

Unfortunately, rice presents a key challenge for people with diabetes: it’s a spiky carb. Spiky carbs are foods that cause glucose to quickly increase, and they can create unpredictable swings in glucose levels. If you or someone you know has diabetes, you may be wondering how to manage your glucose when faced with this dietary staple.


I find that many of my patients have better glucose control if they eat less than the daily carb grams mentioned in this article.

Steve Parker, M.D.


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2 responses to “Rice: Avoid or Eat, and How Much

  1. For us it’s cauliflower rice, as it doesn’t spike husband Eddie’s blood sugars (he is Type 2 Diabetic). Our menu plans are set around 50 carbs per day, although some days a little less.

    All the best Jan