Parents: Don’t Let Them Vaccinate Your Healthy Children Against COVID-19

I say”them” because some government authorities around the world, e.g., Australia, will vaccinate against the wishes of parents. I worry that tyrants in California are about to do the same.

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Healthy children have extremely low risk of death from COVID-19. Should we subject them to unknown risks of vaccines just to save elderly Boomer lives?

These are experimental vaccines without a long-term safety record. The short-term record in adults doesn’t look that great either.

Jonathan Howard at Science-Based Medicine figures that fewer than one in 100,000 healthy children who contract COVID-19 will die from it. Among the young decedents, at least three out of four have a predisposing condition such as obesity, asthma, a developmental disorder, a neurological condition, or cardiovascular disease. Additionally, Dr. Howard says three out of four deaths are in Hispanics, Blacks, or indigenous people (American Indian/Alaskan Native).

Dr. Howard admits that the risk of death from COVID-19 for children is very low. But since the risk is not zero, all children should be vaccinated.

Dr. Howard bases his recommendation for the Pfizer/BionNTech vaccine for children on very limited data. This is child abuse since we don’t have long-term vaccination safety data.

You know I’m not a pediatrician. I’m an internist and hospitalist. Dr. Howard is a neurologist and psychiatrist. There may be a legitimate role of COVID-19 vaccination for sickly children. But there’s no way in hell I’d vaccinate my healthy children without long-term safety data.

For a healthy child, the potential risks of COVID-19 vaccination outweigh the potential benefits.

Question authority. Including me.

Steve Parker, M.D.

PS: Read William M Briggs: Kids Don’t Need to Be Vaccinated.


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5 responses to “Parents: Don’t Let Them Vaccinate Your Healthy Children Against COVID-19

  1. Charles

    Are you against ALL child hood vaccines?

    What was the long term safety record when the vaccines for polio and measles first came out?

    Are you an anti-vaxxer?

    • Dwight

      I think that it’s fair to say that the risk of a child contracting and having a bad outcome from Polio is WAY more significant than that from Covid-19. I don’t know if you are old enough to have seen firsthand what the aftermath of a bout with Polio looks like. I am just old enough to have seen folks who had Polio as children and who bore the scars of withered limbs throughout their lives and into adulthood. Beyond that, plenty of kids who contracted Polio died from it. Although less dramatic, Measles caused significant problems in kids as well. In this light, many felt it worth the risk (my parents included) to have their children vaccinated against those diseases. It should also be noted that those were ‘traditional’ vaccines, making use of dead or inactivated virus to trigger the immune system to create STERILIZING IMMUNITY to those pathogens. As it turns out, that protection lasts decades and in some cases, for life.

      Contrast that with the current situation around Covid-19. Children rarely get sick from it, and when they do, the overwhelming majority (almost all of them, really) have a mild case that tends to resolve on its own in just a handful of days with no lingering effects that have been noted. This is hardly a disease that, in children, can be considered on par with Polio or Measles.

      Add to the situation that the mRNA treatment is not at all a traditional vaccine, and it most certainly does not provide sterilizing immunity to the recipient. This means that this treatment does NOT prevent transmission of the virus. The argument that giving it to children to keep them as well as others safe is simply not correct.

      One would be hard pressed to justify giving this kind of untested treatment to our most precious asset, our children.

  2. Mary Romano

    I take offense about your remark about boomers. I am not dead. I have followed you but will no longer do so. And I will make sure my grandchildren are vaccinated. It’s about everyone’s saftey.