My Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet: Day 5

42-15653194Weight: 164.5 lb

Transgressions: lost track of my vegetable intake

Exercise: none


Achy muscles and dizziness mostly in remission, at least for now.  Dizziness was primarily with change in position, such as sitting up after bending over to tie shoes.

Need to come up with a method to keep track of my veggie intake (max of 14 oz or 200 g daily).  For example, I threw some onion in the pan with my eggs and sausage and forgot to weigh and keep track of them.  May have exceeded veggie max a little.  Consider mixing 14 oz of various raw veggies at start of day and set aside to be eaten throughout the day.

Do you ever notice a film building up on your teeth if you go too long—12 hours perhaps— without brushing?  Well, I seem to be having less of that film.  Too soon to be sure, could be fluke.  Reminds me of the Cleave-Yudkin carbohydrate theory of dental and systemic chronic disease.  The dental component is caries (cavities), gingivitis, and periodontal disease.  I wonder if carb restriction has already been tested as a treatment for these dental diseases.


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