Is City Life Making Us Bonkers?

Evolutionistx thinks so. She started pondering this in view of the fact that one of every four women in the U.S. is on medication for depression or anxiety. Why so many drug users? A quote:

People seem to do best, emotionally, when they have the support of their kin, some degree of ethnic or national pride, economic and physical security, attend religious services, and avoid crowded cities. (Here I am, an atheist, recommending church for people.) The knowledge you are at peace with your tribe and your tribe has your back seems almost entirely absent from most people’s modern lives; instead, people are increasingly pushed into environments where they have no tribe and most people they encounter in daily life have no connection to them. Indeed, tribalism and city living don’t seem to get along very well.


Steve Parker, M.D.

PS: Here’s a starter article on how to find a church.


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  1. Cathy

    Could be. I know that from former times, villages were tight knit and people looked out for each other and consequently, they also knew everyone’s business. My take on this is for young folks, who live a very “digital” life — facebook and texting — and don’t spend a modicum of time on face to face communication or socialization are suffering. The digital way of relating keeps friends at a distance, even if you live in the same city. I think we’ve all been out to eat and witnessed the neighboring table full of folks staring at their cell phone screens.