Heresy!? Dietary Cholesterol Is Unrelated to Heart Disease Risk

…according to this article at American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

This is quite contrary to the  party line spread by public health authorities for the last 40 years.

Enjoy your eggs! (If you can afford them.)

Steve Parker, M.D.

Even if you eat lots of eggs, most of your cholesterol is made by your liver. That's where statin drugs work.

Even if you eat lots of eggs, most of your cholesterol is made by your liver. That’s where statin drugs work.


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4 responses to “Heresy!? Dietary Cholesterol Is Unrelated to Heart Disease Risk

  1. Cathy

    Just like the very revealing article in last week’s New York Times about how in the 1960’s the sugar industry led (in every sense of the word!) studies that put the blame for cardiac problems on saturated fat, the cholesterol myths need to fall. For instance, whose bright idea was it to set 200 as the threshold for statin use and as a gateway to high cholesterol? You’re correct, dietary sources of cholesterol and what is produced in one’s liver are unconnected. Eggs are one of the healthiest foods, especially the yolks!, there are. Plus, hasn’t a higher cholesterol number been shown to be protective in older women?

  2. charles grashow

    From the study you linked to

    “In the studies reviewed, higher intake of cholesterol was not associated with an increased risk of incident CVD. However, the evidence from cohort studies was sparse, limiting our ability to perform meta-analyses for most CVD outcomes.”

    “The findings from our meta-analysis indicate that increases in serum cholesterol are no longer statistically significant when dietary cholesterol interventions exceed 900 mg/d, which is consistent with previous observations showing a plateau in serum cholesterol concentrations when dietary cholesterol increases.”

    “In conclusion, the effect of dietary cholesterol on incident CAD and serum cholesterol outcomes remains unclear.”

    The study was “Supported by USDA agreement 1950-51000-073 and the American Egg Board, Egg Nutrition Center.”