Pre-Mixed Insulins May Not Be Right For You

Kelly Pounds, RN, CDE, has a brief post on the problems of pre-mixed insulins. By pre-mixed, I mean something like Novolin 70/30, which is 70% intermediate-acting insulin and 30% regular insulin. Another common product is 75/25.

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“Mixed insulins can have their place.  For instance, they are ideal for those that can only afford one vial of insulin at a time.  Or for those with limited abilities in calculating and managing their insulin doses.  They may be ideal for those that are advanced in years or those with limited dexterity, limited understanding, or even vision problems (people that may mix up insulin vials if they have more than one.)  However, if you are not bound these types of circumstances, you may consider a different, more effective regimen.”

Source: Problems With Mixed Insulin Therapy – Low Carb RN (CDE)

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