One More Drug Available to Treat Type 2 Diabetes: Dapagliflozin

Open wide!

Open wide!

Where do they get these names?!

The trade name in the U.S. is Farxiga. (How do you pronounce that?) In Europe and Australia they call it Forxiga. Go figure.

MedPageToday has the details. Here’s the FDA press release, which misspells dapagliflozin. Here’s the Australian package insert for full prescribing information. I can’t find the one for the U.S. This is breaking news—I’ll write more about it when I have reliable info.

This drug joins the first drug in the SGLT2 inhibitor class: Invokana (canagliflozin). We how have 12 classes of drugs for treating diabetes.


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2 responses to “One More Drug Available to Treat Type 2 Diabetes: Dapagliflozin

  1. jim snell


    To this layman of the medical peanut gallery; this seems most incredible. It always struck me that our ancient body type was designed to grab every bit of sparse food and its energy from very poor gruel – old style grains, seeds, scrawny animals and meager fruit and on top of that not waste it throwing the generated glucose over the side through the urine – waste water system . Now with a metformin combo we can arrest – tell liver to knock off the excess release and through this drug via kidneys exhaust excess glucose over the side from the diet sources. That seems most appropriate approach given our 24/7 availability of sugars and refined foods and massive grain, rice and corn stocks.

    Am I reading that correctly?

    • Jim, the new drug class make the kidneys waste the carbohydrate calories by eliminating some of them thru the urine. That’s probably the main reason users tend to develop yeast infections. This mechanism of action has no appeal to me whatsoever.