Hello, World! Announcing the Low-Carb Mediterranean Diet

It’s here.  It’s online.  It’s free.  It’s…

The Low-Carb Mediterranean Diet

Many folks—diabetic or not—following the Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet are interested in expanding their carbohydrate options and consumption.  The Low-Carb Mediterranean Diet (LCMD) does that while aiming to control both excess weight and high blood sugar levels in diabetics, prediabetics, metabolic syndrome.  

Non-diabetics on the KMD can continue with it or move on to the Low-Carb Mediterranean Diet if they wish.  If eating a “diabetic diet” seems weird, just think of the LCMD as a low-carb Mediterranean diet—the world’s first published low-carb Mediterranean Diet, by the way.  How low-carb?  The KMD supplies about 5% of energy (calories) as carbohydrate; the LCMD goes to the 10–20% range.  [By way of reference, most people eat around 55% of caloric intake as carbs.] 

I started this whole project with the goal of helping my personal patients with type 2 diabetes gain the health benefits of the traditional Mediterranean diet: longer lifespan and lower rates of heart attack, stroke, cancer, and dementia, for example.  It’s my sincere hope that it benefits others as well.

Steve Parker, M.D.  

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