My New Pedometer: Accusplit Eagle AE 170 XLG

Regular physical activity is a great way to help prevent regain of lost weight.  One activity available to most of us is easy, inexpensive, generally safe, and available in all climates:


I received my Accusplit Eagle AE 170 XLG pedometer in the mail today, having ordered from a week ago.  About $25 USD, and I got free shipping.  I thought I ordered the AE 170 instead, because I didn’t want the extra bells and whistles of the XLG.  Same price for both.  What’s extra?  You can set goals for total distance, total steps, walking time, and calories burned on the XLG.  A graph shows your progress. 

Initial Impressions

It’s smaller than I imagined: 2 x 1.3  x 0.5 inches.

Over four pages of instructions.  This will be a little intimidating for some folks.  I’m sure I’ll have to refer back to the instructions at some point.  Do you tend to lose instructions, like me?  The well-designed Accusplit website has them.

For accurate estimates of distance and calories burned, you have to input your stride length and weight.  If you just want your step count, no need to input data.  Instructions on measuring stride length are good, resulting in x feet and xx inches.  The data input screen seems to request the stride length purely in inches, however.  This was the most confusing thing about setup.  I’m still not sure I entered my stride length properly.

It’s a good thing to see an estimate of calories burned.  You might think twice about that Snickers bar if you know you have to walk five miles to burn it off.

I usually think in English units.  You can switch the device to metric  if you prefer.

I clipped the Accusplit onto my jeans and thrice walked 200 steps.  Each time the device was right on the money.  I’m happy so far.

Steve Parker, M.D.

Disclosure: I received nothing of value from Accusplit or for writing this review.  It’s for the benefit of my patients and readers.

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