Vinegar and Weight Loss: Didn’t Work For Me

Mt. Fuji in Japan

Last November I started another self-experiment to see if vinegar consumption would lead to any weight loss in me.  I quit after nine weeks instead of sticking it out for the entire 12-week trial.  I just got tired of it and hadn’t seen any weight loss.  And I ran out of apple cider vinegar. 

Results?  No change in weight.

A Japanese study had shown loss of 2.2-4.4 lb in Japanese overweight study subjects.  Maybe it didn’t work for me because I wasn’t overweight.  Or because I’m not Japanese.  Or because I chose to do the experiment over the Christmas-New Years’ holiday, a notorious over-eating time of year. 

Oh, well.

Nevertheless, the vinegar option would be reasonable for an overweight person to try. 

Steve Parker, M.D. 

PS: I blogged recently about how vinegar diminishes blood sugar elevations after meals that contain complex carbohydrates.  So an overweight type 2 diabetic would be a perfect study subject.

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