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My Ketoegenic Mediterranean Diet: Day 48 + Temptation

MPj03878710000[1]Weight: 156 lb

Transgressions: one Metamucil fiber wafer

Exercise: none


I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out.

I saw one of those cookie diet commercials on TV last night.  I woke up today in a house permeated with the smell of butter, sugar, and chocolate: my daughter’s home-made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  Talk about temptation!

Maybe I need to add a “cheat day.”  Eat reasonable amounts of “regular food”—carbohydrates in this case—one day a month or every two weeks.  The Advanced Mediterranean Diet has one every two weeks.  If it’s in the rules, it’s not really cheating, right? 


PS: No leg cramps for the last three days since starting a magnesium supplement.


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My Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet: Day 21

Add grilled chicken

Add grilled chicken

Weight: 163.5 lb (up a few over last few days)

Transgressions: none

Exercise: washed a horse and mucked stalls


I was out-of-town for the last three days.  Thought I did pretty well with the diet, although it was harder.  Biggest temptation was going into Baskin-Robbins to buy ice cream for my daughter.  I salivated when I entered and smelled the store.  Didn’t cheat, however.  Nor did I when we ate at a Mexican restaurant and they brought corn chips and bean dip to the table.  Had a fajita salad there and told them to hold the huge taco shell it’s served in. 

Without my computer, I didn’t track my intake as thoroughly as usual. 

The hotel offered a continental breakfast: two juices, bread, bagels, 4 cereals, milk, muffins, 3 fresh fruits.  All loaded with carbs!  My choices were butter, imitation butter, Philadelphia Cream Cheese spread, and coffee.  I had coffee, later supplemented with nuts, canned tuna, and string cheese I had brought.

I discovered that Wendy’s (fast food restaurant) has a Grilled Chicken Ceasar Salad that fits in to a very low-carb diet, including the high-fat salad dressing.  Don’t eat the croutons!  Good stuff.  Other fast food restaurants offer similar items.  Check nutrient analysis at the company website. 

Weight is up.  I was at 5000 ft above sea level whereas I usually live at 2000 ft.  May have had some fluid (and salt) retention causing weight gain.  I’ve not seen the fluid retention—in my hands—under 7000 ft in the past.


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