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Exercise Motivation

Stretching actually doesn’t do any good for the average person

My wife, Sunny, decreed April to be Fitness Month.  No joke.  A time to re-dedicate ourselves to eating right and physical activity.  No dining out for the entire month.  No junk food.

In the spirit of Fitness Month, I restarted my exercise efforts, which had been on hold for the previous month.  I’d simply been lazy.

To help me judge effectiveness of my exercise, I measured and recorded my baseline fitness.  I re-measured after six weeks.

Exercise isn’t fun.  You need good reasons to do it.  Here are mine:

  • it keeps you young (fountain of youth)
  • longevity
  • less low back aching
  • injury resistance
  • dementia prevention
  • lowered risk of heart disease and cancer
  • I’m a sheepdog, not a sheep
  • weight management
  • emergency preparedness
  • more energy to enjoy life (hiking, camping, horseback riding, long walks with others, etc.)

If you hope to exercise regularly, you’ll need your own list of reasons.  You’ll have days, weeks, or months when you just don’t want to exercise.  Review your list then.

Steve Parker, M.D.

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