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Egyptian Mummies with Atherosclerosis in the News Again

Remember about a year ago the report that hardening-of-the-arteries was found in Egyptian mummies?  The heart arteries were  also involved.  Princess Ahmose-Meryet-Amon is officially the first person in history diagnosed with coronary heart disease. 

This finding is noteworthy in view of the common view that atherosclerosis is a disease of modern civilization (usually referring to the last one or two hundred years).

You’ll find more details at this May 17 post at CardioBrief

We’ll know more if these researchers ever publish their findings in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Steve Parker, M.D.


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Modern Heart Disease Found in Ancient Egyptian Mummies

HeartWire on November 23, 2009, reported the discovery of atherosclerosis (hardening-of-the-arteries) in Egyptian mummies 3000 years old. 

So it appears that atherosclerosis in not just a disease of modern civilization, as suggested by some.

Steve Parker, M.D.

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