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My Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet: Day 8 and Week 1 Recap

CB060670Weight: 164 lb (started at 170)

Waist circumference: 36.5 inches (no change)

Transgressions: none

Exercise: none


So, down six pounds (2.7 kg) for the first week.  As mentioned before, this is not all fat loss by any means.  If even two pounds is fat, that’s great.  Water loss (and intestinal contents?).  Feeling good.  Achy muscles and dizziness have resolved, lasted 2-3 days.  Expect weight loss to slow dramatically starting now.  I do miss carbs.  I’m disappointed my waist circumference didn’t reduce—that’s one reason I started this in the first place.

I recorded all food intake with the “My Tracking” feature at NutritionData.  That’s how I derive the following nutrient analysis:

  • calories: 1650 daily (average)
  • energy breakdown: 6% alcohol, 7% carbs, 64% fats, 23% proteins  
  • 227 g total carb for the week, minus 85 g fiber, equals 20 g of digestible carbohydrate daily [I realized Sept. 13 that the milk in my 2 cups coffee daily adds 6 g of carb, so the daily digestible carbohydrate total is 26 g]
  • 834 g total fat for the week: approx. 14% of these from saturated fat (199 g), 50% from monounsaturated fat (413 g) , 19% from polyunsaturated fat (155 g)

[I don’t know why the three fat types don’t total 834 g.  Do you?  They total 767 g.]

I’m going to record each days intake for the next seven days as a recipe (My Recipes).  That will allow me to see NutritionData’s estimated glycemic load and inflammation factor rating.

Nota bene:  Most people on a very low-carb ketogenic diet will not do this sort of analysis—there’s no need.  I’m doing it for research purposes.



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