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Dietitian Melanie Thomassian on Cooking With Oils and Fats

If you want to heat a fat or oil, it is really important that it can withstand the temperature you will be heating it to, and therefore that it will remain stable while you cook.

I recommend keeping some oils exclusively for cooking, while others should only be used as finishing oils, and for cold dressings.

You will see that I have listed the smoke point and the fatty acid percentages below. This is to help you understand why some options are good for one style of cooking, but perhaps not so much for another.

Remember, a higher smoke point is important, if you are cooking to a high temperature. But you also need to consider the fatty acid composition. A higher saturated fat percentage equals a more stable fat or oil, as we’ve already learned above 🙂

Read the rest. Fortunately, she spared us the bits about omega-6/omega-3 fatty acid ratio.

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