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Does Diabetes Drug Pioglitazone Prevent Dementia?

Nobody knows. A recent report out of Germany suggests that pioglitazone does prevent dementia, but it’s not a very strong linkage. If it works, I wonder if it’s simply related to better control of blood sugar, which could be accomplished with a variety of means. Pioglitazone (aka Actos) is a type 2 diabetes drug in the TZD class. You could call it an “insulin sensitizer.”

The best popular press report I’ve seen is at Bloomberg.

German researchers went fishing for associations in a huge database of patients and drug usage. Their formal report hasn’t even been published yet. A five-year study was recently initiated to further investigate the possibility that piogoitazone prevents dementia. I doubt this will pan out.

Steve Parker, M.D.

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Yet Another Study Links Impaired Sugar Metabolism With Dementia

…according to an article at MedPageToday. A cohort of patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s were found to have unexpectedly high rates of impaired glucose tolerance or outright type 2 diabetes. We don’t know for sure if impaired glucose metabolism is a cause of dementia, or if some other factor links the two conditions. Until we have that answer, if I had impaired glucose metabolism, I’d work to improve it with loss of excess weight, exercise, and low-carb eating.

Here’s another article I wrote wondering if diabetes causes dementia.

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