Can Diet and Exercise Prevent Cancer?

You need to worry about cancer because you have a roughly four in 10 chance of coming down with invasive cancer. (Skin cancers like squamous cell and basal cell are quite common, but rarely invasive.)

Dr. David Gorski is a breast cancer surgeon. He’s looked at the scientific literature on the linkage between diet and exercises, and the risk of developing cancer.

Here’s his conclusion from a review at Science-Based Medicine:

“You can reduce your risk of cancer by staying active and exercising, eating a healthy diet with a lot of plant-based foods and minimizing intake of processed meats, limiting alcohol consumption (although I think the WCRF/AICR guidelines go a bit too far in saying that you shouldn’t drink at all if possible), and maintaining a healthy weight. (Of course, if you stay active and eat a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight will probably not be a problem.) Conceptually, it’s easy to do. In practice, as I’m discovering, it’s anything but easy.”

Source: Diet and exercise versus cancer: A science-based view « Science-Based Medicine

The Mediterranean diet seems to protect against cancer.

Steve Parker, M.D.

PS: One of the reasons I write diet books is that I want to keep you from getting cancer.


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3 responses to “Can Diet and Exercise Prevent Cancer?

  1. jeanirvin

    I am on chemotherapy for bowel cancer. As soon as I had the diagnosis I sorted out my diet, I have been low carb but with added sugar sneaking in, for 7 years. I am now very low carb, moderate protein, high fat with no added sugars or starch. I am managing the side effects of the chemo much better than most other patients, according to my oncologist, and I have the energy to exercise most of the time. I have to rest for the first few days at the start of each three week cycle. Apart from the health benefits I think this has turned me into an active participant in my treatment and that is also very important. I finish at the end of this month and have already had one negative scan. I will have a PET scan when I this is all over. PS I am in the UK