Potatoes Don’t Cause Diabetes, Obesity, or Cardiovascular Disease

…according to researchers in Denmark who reviewed the scientific literature. But watch out for french fries.

“The identified studies do not provide convincing evidence to suggest an association between intake of potatoes and risks of obesity, T2D, or CVD. French fries may be associated with increased risks of obesity and T2D although confounding may be present. In this systematic review, only observational studies were identified. These findings underline the need for long-term randomized controlled trials.”

Source: Potatoes and risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease in apparently healthy adults: a systematic review of clinical intervention and observational studies


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2 responses to “Potatoes Don’t Cause Diabetes, Obesity, or Cardiovascular Disease

  1. Ivan

    Sitting at the food bar day after day eating French fries will cause Type2 diabetes.

  2. Cathy

    Which confirms my own particular bias that it is more likely the rancid vegetable oils in which the French fries are cooked than the potatoes themselves. Quite interesting.