Adam Brown: Diabetes on a 65% Fat Diet

Adam Brown over at DiaTribe has been experimenting with diet to see effects on his blood sugar:

“Over the past 80 days, I’ve seen excellent results from eating higher fat (65% of my calories) and a bit lower carb (about 90 grams per day) than I have in the past. I’ve spent 76% of the past 11.5 weeks in the tight range of 70-140 mg/dl [3.9-7.8], with a low average (118 mg/dl) [6.6 mmol/l], low hypoglycemia, and low diabetes burden. Combined, these are the strongest numbers I’ve ever seen in myself over such a long time period. I’ve also lost 5 lbs [2.3 kg].”

Source: Adam’s Corner: Diabetes on a 65% Fat Diet, Chia for Breakfast, and Intermittent Fasting | diaTribe

Also see his comments on chia pudding and intermittent fasting.


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3 responses to “Adam Brown: Diabetes on a 65% Fat Diet

  1. Cindylou

    If it works for you that is great,, for me I pull a better A1C and my cholesterol panel plays nice when I do low fat,, have tried it both ways.

  2. themoonsfavors

    Better A1c, but what’s happening to your liver? Diabetics need comparative yearly scan. Also: is this total cholesterol? How are triglycerides?– which are more important.