Kelley Pounds Says Low-Carb Purists Are Not Helping the Cause

Kelley makes a lot of good points. Click here for them.

She starts:

“There are some people who may NEED to be strict with low carb because they have a disease which requires it, those for whom excess carbs can cause an imminent, maybe even life threatening, problem, (such as those with an absolute insulin deficiency.) That’s not who I’m about talking about. Also, being strict with YOURSELF is not the problem. I am strict with myself. The problem is when you impose your standards on others.

The majority of us don’t have imminent, life threatening conditions. Often we are using low carb to address a chronic problem. We chose low carb to lose weight, control our blood sugar without any medication, or just because it is a healthy way to eat and makes us feel great!

Yet some folks have become so rigid that they cannot accept anything but perfection from themselves (which is their choice) OR ANYONE ELSE (which is the problem), especially people they know nothing about on social media. Some of these folks LOVE to comment and are quick to set others straight about what they should or shouldn’t be doing, about what low carb IS and what it ISN’T.”

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