How to Eat Low-Carb at Fast-Food Joints

Laura Dolson tells you how over at For example:

Occasionally, you’ll see salads with other protein, but chicken is the mainstay of fast-food meal salads. Tips: 1. Skip the croutons, tortilla strips, and similar additions. 2. Be very careful about sugars in the dressing. 3) For best nutrition, look for salads with a mixture of greens, and a variety of vegetables. 4) Make sure the chicken is grilled, not “crispy fried”, or other chicken with breading.

On the Advanced Mediterranean Diet for non-diabetics, you have the option of:

  1. Traditional portion- and calorie-controlled eating, or
  2. Low-carb eating with the worlds’ first Low-Carb Mediterranean Diet

If you’ve read Conquer Diabetes and Prediabetes, you’re already familiar with #2.

Steve Parker, M.D.

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