Could You Please Help Me With a Diet Testimonial?

A major U.S. women’s magazine (Woman’s World) is doing an article on my Low-Carb Mediterranean Diet. The writer would like to be able to interview folks (by phone) who have done the diet and had success with it. The article is more about successful weight  loss than control of diabetes and prediabetes. Before and after pics would be icing on the cake but are not necessary.

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If you’ve read Control Diabetes and Prediabetes: The Low-Carb Mediterrean Diet, or The Advanced Mediterranean Diet (2nd edition), or KMD: Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet, then you’ve seen the Low-Carb Mediterranean Diet. Advanced Mediterranean Diet also has a traditional portion/calorie-controlled diet. Control Diabetes and KMD both start with the Ketogenic Mediterranean diet (30 carb grams/day) and then add more carbohydrates as tolerated by the individual, resulting in the Low-Carb Mediterranean Diet. Most folks following the Low-Carb Mediterranean Diet will max out carb consumption at 80–100 grams a day.

I’m terrible at marketing myself and my ideas, so I’ve not kept track of individual success stories from the past.

If you’d be willing to share your success story, please email me with a few of the details at steveparkermd AT I’ll not divulge your information to anyone else. If you share with me, I’ll assume I have your permission to send your story and e-mail address to the writer.

Thanks for your consideration.

Steve Parker, M.D.

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