Another Study Finds the Mediterranean Diet Preserves Brain Function During Aging

Well, maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement. Preserved brain function and the Mediterranean diet were  positively associated in a study involving Americans in Utah. This fits with prior observations that the Mediterranean diet prevents dementia.

In the study at hand, the DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) also protected the brain:

Higher levels of compliance with both the DASH and Mediterranean dietary patterns were associated with consistently higher levels of cognitive function in elderly men and women over an 11-y period. Whole grains and nuts and legumes were positively associated with higher cognitive functions and may be core neuroprotective foods common to various healthy plant-centered diets around the globe.

See the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition for details.


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2 responses to “Another Study Finds the Mediterranean Diet Preserves Brain Function During Aging

  1. David Boothman

    This is not science. How can we tell the reason a particular diet has a particular effect. The effect could be due to the things that are in the diet or conversely it could be due to other things things that are not in the diet. Perhaps a non-Mediterranean diet results in the same are an even better effect. What is the Mediterranean diet anyway, So far as I’ve experienced there are many quite different diets around the Mediterranean.

    • Hi, David. You make some valid points. For instance, some folks attribute the healthfulness of the Mediterranean “diet” (that of southern Italy and Greece) to sunshine exposure, physical activity, and social connections, rather than to diet.