QOTD: Josh Brown on Email

Email is totally out of control and needs to be made illegal effective immediately. It is the worst thing that’s ever happened to humanity. Unless you consider the alternative – phone calls – which I view as an act of violence. “Why is he calling me? What emergency necessitated his dialing my number and waiting for it to ring, what utter atrocity required the disruptively instantaneous back-and-forth of a voice conversation?” But I digress…

…So don’t make all these dumbass folders and files you’re never going to use, just start blowing emails off as they come in. A wise man once said that your inbox is like a To Do list that someone else makes for you. To which I say, no thanks. I make my own To Do list, the needs and wants and tasks of others come after the tasks that are important to my clients and my practice.

As for what should replace the email, I vote for the Twitter direct message…

Joshua M. Brown

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