Quote of the Day

Has anyone even bothered to ask why the tuna are eating mercury?

—Jim Gaffigan


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3 responses to “Quote of the Day

  1. Suzie_B

    Now they are eating radiation too!

  2. Stan

    Because, like us, they can’t see it, taste it or know it’s there? We corporat-ized, capitalist-ized, free-market consumer-ized food dependents, like the net-entangled, poisoned tuna find there are scant places to escape an environment hostile to human vitality.

    Don’t know Gaffigan, but the selected, colorful, quite stunning photo of a delightful looking serving of the deep sea catch betrays the tragedy within the cellular destruction (both tuna and diner) that one will consume for its wonderful flavor.

    This picture’s thousand words speak a wealth beyond pure, anticipated, dining experience.