Metformin May Prevent Cancer and Heart Trouble

David Spero at Diabetes Self-Management has an interesting article about how metformin may prevent cancer and heart disease, and slow the aging process.  Metformin is the usual first drug of choice for type 2 diabetes.

Steve Parker, M.D.

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One response to “Metformin May Prevent Cancer and Heart Trouble

  1. jim snell

    Great article. Research data out there not incorporated into current treatments – ie Salk and John Hopkins show even more power for type 2 diabetics along with David Spero’s blog are showing that metformin has turned out to be an extremely useful drug.

    Some days the poor drug industry gets rocks thrown at em but this one for me has been extremely usefull getting this rot slowed down and being in better shape. Not cure – just managing the mess far better. My response for my 30 year old+ type 2 diabetes is drugs – metformin, mediterranean diet/carbs control and sufficient hearty exercise.

    Once again, many special thanks , Dr. Steve Parker.