A Good Night On-Call


At the hospital last night, I admitted an elderly heart patient with chest pain.  I asked if he’d ever heard of the Mediterranean diet.  He answered, “What’s that? Does it mean you only eat those kinds of people?”

Steve Parker, M.D.

PS: In the course of our conversation, he worked in five other one-line jokes. What a blessing.

PPS:  Q: Why did the cannibal eat the trapeze artist?

A: He wanted a balanced meal.


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4 responses to “A Good Night On-Call

  1. Emily Deans

    I’m back to teaching the medical students in the fall – which means we go onto the wards to interview the patients in the hospital – so many gems and wonderful stories, and sorrow and tragedy. We are in a blessed profession.

  2. Yes, Emily, it really is a privilege. (Sometimes I have to remind myself of that after admitting a string of drug-seekers and drunks.)

  3. It’s good to see the man can keep a sense of humor during a potentially scary situation.

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