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The first flavor we experience in infancy is the sweet taste of milk.  We learn to associate it with comfort, security and love.  During childhood, we are offered sweet treats to cheer us up when we are sad, to reward us for being brave at a difficult time, or for being good when our parents need us to be.  Thus, sugary food becomes a reward, an incentive or a token of love and is inextricably woven into our emotional fabric.

     —Conner Middelmann-Whitney in Zest For Life: The Mediterranean Anti-Cancer Diet


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  1. Emily Deans

    One of the more interesting speculations I’ve read about newborn babies is that their leaky guts + milky diet allows for higher levels of lactate in the blood – which can accentuate ketone availability even in a relatively carb-rich diet. Very speculative (lactate in adults feeds cancer, unlike ketones, so the speculation may well be incorrect) but intriguing.

    • You are amazing, Emily.

      That quote above reminded me of something Pierre Dukan wrote in his international best-seller diet book. He wrote that the craving or desire for sweets, in people who have them, never goes away. Having myself eaten under 100 grams of carb daily (avoiding most sugars and sweets) for almost two years now, I find Dukan to be correct.