Alcohol Long-Term May Impair Vision in Diabetics

MedPage Today yesterday reported that chronic consumption of alcohol may impair vision in diabetics.  Drinkers performed less well on vision chart tests than non-drinkers.  It’s not a diabetic retinopathy issue.  Beer and distilled spirits were riskier than wine. 

Glasses, contacts, or Lasik?

The MedPage Today article didn’t comment on the potential health benefits of alcohol consumption.

You can bet I’ll keep an eye on this.

Steve Parker, M.D.

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One response to “Alcohol Long-Term May Impair Vision in Diabetics

  1. I think I’d be more worried about losing my sight from staring at a computer monitor than i would from drinking alcohol. If you must drink alcohol though i would recommend red wine for it’s benefits simply outweigh it’s cons, in small consumptions anyways.