Atkins Diet for Diabetes: Lively Debate

HeartWire at TheHeart.Org on October 18, 2010, posted an article about use of the Atkins diet for people with diabetes.  You might enjoy the ongoing lively debate among (mostly) physicians and researchers.

My review of Atkins Diabetes Revolution summarizes my thoughts.

Steve Parker, M.D.


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5 responses to “Atkins Diet for Diabetes: Lively Debate

  1. elisaannh

    All I can say is that I have watched my own BG numbers go down with low carb and increase when my carbs increase. I’m convinced.

  2. Steve Parker, M.D.

    You are by no means alone, elisaannh.

  3. I’m just glad that, as I maintain a public internet presence, I have no criminal record!

  4. caroln

    Dear Dr Parker… I came to your blog from a post in one of your comments on the lowcarbfriends forum…

    I’m too tired tonight, but I look forward to reading about your ketogenic Med diet tomorrow…

    But most of all… thanks for the link to the WebMD article and the forum comments…. tres entertaining… altho ultimately depressing by the end after so many posts by the stubborn die-hard who insists upon new (sanctioned by him) double-blind clinical trials… and published studies… rather than the plethora of studies and evidence that exist to the contrary.

    So much for the scientific approach if one can just discard research and scientific studies just “because.”

    As a personal anecdote… I am dealing with entrenched ADA 45-60 carbs per meal guidelines right now with my 80-yo, morbidly obese, diabetic mother who is bedridden as a result of an accident…. and they ply her with pasta, pizza, mashed potatoes, and desserts noon and night…

    I have fought (well that’s too strong… challenged) the dieticians at a hospital and two nursing homes who see nothing wrong with that amount of refined carbs….

    It is truly mind-boggling… anyway, Fleming’s and Eckel’s ridiculous stances reminded me of what I’ve been dealing with… altho Westman’s and Feinman’s battles are much larger-scale … they will eventually win… per the Planck maxim.