Rosiglitazone Severely Restricted by FDA

MedPageToday reported yesterday on the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s ruling that the diabetes drug rosiglitazone should be used in new patients only if blood sugars are not controlled with other diabetes drugs, such as pioglitazone.

It sounds as if new users and their doctors may have to jump through some paperwork hoops to get the drug, which is more reason not to prescribe it.

The problem is that scientific studies suggest that rosiglitazone increases the risk of heart attack, heart failure, and death.

Steve Parker, M.D.


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3 responses to “Rosiglitazone Severely Restricted by FDA

  1. I keep my TV on most of time, though I rarely sit to watch it. I cringe everytime one of those lawsuit ads comes on. Some medication is always causing some side effects that warrant a lawsuit.

    Since heart disease is already a risk factor for diabetics, any medication that has cardiac risks involved should be avoided if possible. Isn’t good cardiac health a goal of diabetic treatment?

    Anyhoo, thanks for visiting my site and leaving such encouraging words! This is my first visit to your site and I see you have a lot of information here so I am off to explore your website further!

  2. Thanks for visiting, Elizabeth.

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