Diabetes Consumes 7% of the UK’s Drug Budget

The BBC reports that drugs for diabetes account for 7% of the United Kingdom’s National Health Service’s prescription drug budget. 

They would spend less on diabetic drugs if more diabetics adhered to low-carb eating or the Mediterranean diet.  Better yet, combine both eating styles as in the Low-Carb Mediterranean Diet.

Steve Parker, M.D.


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2 responses to “Diabetes Consumes 7% of the UK’s Drug Budget

  1. lessofmimi

    I totally agree! My pocketbook appreciates that I no longer have to buy insulin or metformin or other diabetes-related stuff. Also, just got off my blood pressure meds a few weeks ago, so there’s less $$$ going out. Thank you so much, LC!! 🙂

  2. So many people would rather take a pill (or multiple pills) than make the necessary diet changes.

    Especially if someone else is paying for the pills!