Let Freedom Ring!

Arizona’s Constitution of 1912 has always held that “the right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself or the state shall not be impaired.”

Arizona’s governor a few months ago signed into law a bill restoring Arizonans’ freedom to carry firearms discreetly without a permit.  Previously, we had to ask the state for written permission, but could carry a handgun openly.  The “open carry” option sometimes scared hoplophobes.  And some of us didn’t want the bad guys to know we were armed.

Remember: When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

Steve Parker, M.D.


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7 responses to “Let Freedom Ring!

  1. Suzanne G.

    Certainly you are free to post as you wish, this is your blog.

    I’m here because I value your nutritional/medical expertise.

    It’s a disappointment to read more of the divisiveness that pits our citizens at partisan loggerheads. I read your post and felt a knot in my stomach, like I’d been unwittingly exposed to Fox New or the like, which would not be by my choice.

  2. Hi, Suzanne.

    There is an insurmountable divide between evil and good, between violent criminality and peaceful, law-abiding citizenship.

    I’m a partisan for the latter.

    [Sometimes I think I was born a hundred years too late.]


  3. Beverly Williams

    It’s posts like this that make my lisinopril have to work overtime! I appreciate the work that you do as far as health matters go, but would prefer not to be exposed to your political views. This is the second political post that I have seen since subscribing to your blog (less than a year) and will opt out of receiving it if these types of blogs continue to appear in my inbox. First, it was an opinion about the new health care legislation and now, about gun laws. I may choose to read the helpful information on your web page without having to be exposed to your political views.

    Thank you for allowing me to express my political views.

  4. Beverly Williams

    Steve. the following statement appears in your post…..

    “The “open carry” option sometimes scared hoplophobes.”

    According to Wikipedia, the term hoplophobe has been used to encourage constituent letter writing and to raise funds by at least one gun rights advocacy group. They have employed the term hoplophobe to characterize their opponents as outrageous fear-mongerers, and as being irrationally fearful.

    And you wonder why we object to this type of post?

  5. Steve

    Oh come on. We all visit various blogs, and don’t expect the author to have 100% of their posts on health, fitness, or whatever the main topic may be. I appreciate “other” type posts, if for no other reason than the chance to get to know the blog author from another angle. Even if I disagree with them, it still serves me well……by reminding me about guru-worship and that everyone is different.

    That’s my unpolitical opinion.

    Steve (not the Parker dude)

  6. I agree. No one came here for political discussion, as the title of the blog is unrelated to the author’s personal political views on guns. It seems like the appropriate forum for those views is elsewhere, certainly not here.

  7. Suzanne G.

    I appreciate the opportunity to get to know the author as well. I think I’m just worn out by the political divide around me, and I like the fact that we can come together here out of concern for our health.