Can Prediabetes Be Cured?

Nurse Jean Jeffers writes about one person’s cure for prediabetes. Much of it makes sense to me and is consistent with the scientific literature. Ms. Jeffers is a bit too alarmist about prediabetes complications, so don’t let that scare you. But this is scary: half of Americans over 65 have prediabetes. An edited quote:

Some of Dot’s very doable ways to help with prediabetes include:

1.      Experiment with a variety of new fruits in your diet.

2.      Experiment with new vegetables. Try one new one every week or so.

6.      Make the five-percent resolution: Resolve to lose five percent of your body weight. You’ll be surprised at the benefits. Then lose another five percent.

8.      Walk for fun, with friends, or in solitude. Some individuals meditate while walking.

10.   Go light on carbohydrates in your meals. Eat dessert maybe only one time per week.

The bit about losing 5% of you body weight usually only applies if you have excess fat to begin with.

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