Healthy Eating Guide from Darya Pino

Darya Pino is a scientist, San Francisco foodie and advocate of local, seasonal foods

Darya Pino, founder of Summer Tomato, has generously offered her new guide, “How to Get Started Eating Healthy,” to anyone who wants it, gratis.

I’ve not read the guide yet, but I’m very familiar with Darya’s work at Summer Tomato.  I’m sure her guide is well done and her suggestions would be a vast improvement over the standard American diet (SAD). 

Steve Parker, M.D.


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3 responses to “Healthy Eating Guide from Darya Pino

  1. Steve

    Just read it – excellent! I’ve thought along those lines before, and tried it. The only thing is, because calories matter, I haven’t personally been able to adopt “healthy living” and ignore calories.

    I imagine one “might” be able to if they went 100% “healthy living” (i.e. cleaned out their kitchen and replaced with her shopping list – and then only ate from that). But I have found that 100% hasn’t been realistic for myself just yet. Therefore, a knowledge of (a) my calorie needs and (b) my calorie consumption has been essential for my own efforts.

    Interestingly, her own eating style is similar to what I am trying to do: fish and legumes for Mon – Fri protein. Other stuff for the weekends.

    I really liked this document, and will be forwarding it to others. Thanks Darya, and Steve for sharing.


  2. I’m like you, Steve. I would gain excess weight on whole grain bread, pasta, even fruits and vegetables, if I didn’t consciously limit caloric intake.


  3. Thanks Steve! I appreciate you sharing my healthy eating guide.

    I agree with you both. In a certain way I watch my calorie intake, but never by counting. It happens naturally for me now, and I just sort of “know” when I need to make adjustments.