My Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet: Day 13

MPj04327450000[1]Weight: 162.5

Transgressions: Ate a fancy salad my wife made me while I was asleep, with glazed walnuts, 1/4 apple, 6 grapes, lettuce, etc.  More carbs than usual, but not by much.  How could I turn her down?

Exercise: 30 minute brisk walk


If I don’t get my required 2-3 tbsp of daily olive oil in salad or cooking, I just drink it straight.

I just realized I’ve been putting 1% milk in my coffee, 2 cups a day.  Measured a milk serving as 1.5 fl oz per cup, totalling 6 g of digestible carbohydrate daily that I had been overlooking before.  Will start drinking coffee black and revise my Week 1 Recap carb total.


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